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A Century Away. A Year Dedicated to Saint Joseph in 1921

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

March 9, 2021 History, Saint Joseph

On December 8, 2020, Pope Francis invited us to a year dedicated to Saint Joseph.

We were astonished to discover, while browsing through the Annales de l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph that the year 1921 had also been consecrated to Saint Joseph by Pope Benedict XV. One hundred years to the day from the call of Pope Francis.

Entering Lent, following Christ and becoming witnesses of hope

Ash Wednesday is that period of the liturgical year when we undertake, with the meaningful rite of the imposition of Ashes, a renewed experience of Christ’s merciful love. Saint Brother André used to say: “The love that our Lord had in his passion brings to light the love of the good Lord for us. “Let us learn from him, to become bearers of hope and to learn how to “give back” his love to our neighbor, especially to those who suffer and are in difficulty. This is the mission of every disciple of Christ. But in order to fulfill this mission it is necessary to convert, as the evangelist Mark’s exhortation, addressed to us upon receiving the ashes, invites us to do: Convert and Believe in the Gospel.

Reflection on HOPE

Feast of Father Basil Moreau, CSC, Founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross

One thing I learned many years ago, was that to be a person who lives HOPE in life, it is likely that one has had to live through difficult times. Also, it is likely that one who sees possibilities of HOPE in the challenges faced in life, has been shaped by many challenges, setbacks or failures – yet, has come through it to be a witness of hope to others. Even with such difficulties that one must face, it is possible to face them not with just a naïve optimism, but real HOPE!

The farewell letter of the Sisters of Holy Cross and the Seven Sorrows to Brother André

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

January 6, 2021 Brother André, History

January 6, 2021  marks the 84th anniversary of the death of Saint Brother André (January 6, 1937).

In the days – if not hours – following Brother André’s death, a significant amount of letters, telegrams and cards of sympathy arrived at the monastery’s post office. A brief inventory of this correspondence is made in the wake of the opening of the trial for Brother André’s canonization in 1940, and lists more than 700 letters of sympathy.

Brother André… on the small white screen

By Martin Brideau

Archives Technician

December 29, 2020 Canonization of Brother André

Two years ago, while I was looking for the archives of the Cause’s Office, I came across a small brown suitcase with the inscription “Cause of Brother André”. I thought I had stumbled upon one of the suitcases used to transport documents to Rome. When I opened it, I was surprised to find an old slide projector instead! I thought, “What have I stumbled upon again? It was only some time later, while working on other archives of the Cause, that I was able to put the pieces of this puzzle back together.

At Christmas : Discover Joseph to better know Jesus

A newborn baby is always a source of wonder to family and friends. A new life is full of mystery, full of future, full of hope too. Everyone has their say in what that child will be like. And as the child grows, as his or her personality takes shape, the child will be referred to as “like father, like son” if it is a boy. In Jesus’ day, when talking about him, people used to say, “Isn’t he the son of Joseph the carpenter? »

Biographies on Brother André

By Martin Brideau

Archives Technician

December 15, 2020 Brother André

The Roland-Gauthier Archives and Documentation Centre has 245 documents about Brother André. Of these, 119 are biographies, sometimes in 2 copies, written by about forty different authors (including translations).

The Oratory welcomes a new rector, Father Michael DeLaney, CSC

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Father Michael DeLaney, CSC, as Rector of Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, succeeding Father Claude Grou, CSC, who has held this position with fervour and dedication for the past 15 years.

The Archbishops of Montreal and the Canonization of Saint Brother André

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

November 18, 2020 Canonization of Brother André, History

The Archbishops of Montreal had a role to play throughout the steps leading up to the canonization of Saint Brother André. Some were prominent players while others were more discreet. Here is an outline of the history of their participation in the canonization.

The great Thanksgiving Mass at the Olympic Stadium. How to archive a recent event?

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

November 5, 2020 Canonization of Brother André

On October 30, 2010, the canonization of Saint Brother André was celebrated with a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. This is the second time in 30 years that the Stadium has hosted an event concerning Brother André: the first event took place on June 20, 1982 on the occasion of Brother André’s beatification. Archbishop Paul Grégoire, Archbishop of Montreal, gave the homily for the occasion.

A Significant Event that Marked My Life and that of the Congregation Of Holy Cross

Mass on October 30, 2010 at the Olympic Stadium

A Significant Event that Marked My Life and that of the Congregation Of Holy Cross

On October 30, at the Olympic Stadium, there were many of us from the Holy Cross family, gathered with more than 40,000 people to give thanks to God for having given us this exceptional man, Brother André. He is the first member of our religious community and the first man born in the country to be declared a saint for the whole world.

Brother André on pious images

By Martin Brideau

Archives Technician

October 28, 2020 Canonization of Brother André

As soon as Brother André died, many pious images were produced and distributed by the Oratory. They are usually wallet-sized images with a representation of Brother André on one side and a prayer text on the back. The inscriptions on the back of these images give them great interest.