I Give

Contributions made to Saint Joseph’s Oratory allow us to continue the work of Saint Brother André accross time for the benefit of future generations. If your motivations for giving include supporting the Major Development Project, your donations will go towards developing the Shrine’s full potential.

Don mensuel - Les Artisans de l'Oratoire - Monthly Giving

Monthly giving

Many donors join the program because it’s practical and efficient. By becoming an Artisan of the Oratory, you are part of a community mobilized to offer a source of stable income to the Oratory.

Don unique - One-time donation

One time gift

Every donation is important and helps to support the work of Saint Brother André. With your support, the Oratory continues to be a high place of spirituality, culture and nature

Chevalier blanc fond gris

Planned gift

Support the continuation of the work of Saint Brother André with a planned gift to Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal – a gesture today for building the future.

Don in memoriam - In memoriam Gift

In memoriam gift

A gift to pay tribute to a deceased loved one is also an act of great generosity to support Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Don pour le grand projet - Gift for the Major Project

The Major Project

Support our work toward a more accessible and greener site. Development of the dome, new museum and welcome centre are among the components of the project to ensure the sustainability of the Shrine’s heritage.

Allumer un lampion - Light a Votive Candle

Votive Candles

In exchange for a donation, Saint Joseph’s Oratory will light a candle or a lantern for you in one of the places of prayer at Saint Joseph’s Oratory, according to your wish.