The Romans used to dedicate a month to a deity. The month of May was thus the month of Maya, goddess of fertility. When Christianity became the official religion, the month of Maya became the month of the Madonna and therefore the month of Mary. The Dominicans developed the devotion to the month of Mary. But it is in the XVIII century, with Saint Philippe Néri that the month of Mary becomes a popular devotion. Pius VII, in 1815, consecrates the devotion to the month of Mary which extends to the whole world.

Every year, the month of Mary coincides with the Easter season. This is especially true this year when Pentecost is on May 31. The month of Mary should help us to better live the Easter season. The glorious mysteries of the rosary plunge us right into the great moments of the Easter season. Mary, the pure one, the one who did not sin, helps us discover that, through the resurrection of Christ, we have died to sin. The month of Mary thus invites us to practice the virtues of the new life in Jesus Christ.


Credit: Leopold Kupelwieser. The Heart of Mary