Companion of workers

The Gospels tell us very little about Joseph. How do we know, for example, that he was a carpenter in Nazareth? From a single verse from Matthew (13:55) and perhaps another from Mark, suggesting that he passed his trade on to Jesus (6:3). Whatever the case, he certainly had to support his family through his work. Hence why the Church proposes him as the model and patron saint of workers.

Work, carried out in decent conditions, is a dignified reality, an important dimension of our human existence that certainly helps us in developing our gifts and talents, putting ourselves at the service of others and society, beyond earning us our daily bread.

The word “companion,” this Novena’s recurring theme, comes from two Latin words: cum (with) and panis (bread). Therefore, a companion is someone with whom we share bread, the bread that symbolizes daily life. Joseph’s hard work earned him the bread of his family. He can certainly be a companion to all those who work and all those who are looking for a job.

Joseph, companion of working men and women,
we entrust to your prayers all our worries about
work, income and achievements.
Bring peace and security to our homes and hearts,
trusting in God’s Providence.

From The ORATORY magazine, January-April 2024, Novena Reflections