The End of Summer Holidays

The end of Summer holidays is an important reality in different ways. It marks the back-to-school and back-to-work periods, the return to parliament, to cultural and artistic activities or the return from a particular place. Even if it means the end of the vacations, it is always marked by a certain feverishness.

Here at the Oratory, we are also back at work and preparing the year to come. This year, it has taken on the particular color of “deconfinement”, in keeping with the measures taken by religious authorities and public health.

The end of the holidays could simply be, after a pause, a resumption of what used to exist. It can also be experienced as a new beginning. One evaluates what one was doing and asks oneself what changes could be made, what could be done better, taking into account the evolution of the situation.

Brother André founded the Oratory and followed its development for decades, with his collaborators, together with the community of religious of Holy Cross.

For the Oratory, there is the major development project of new facilities to enhance the site and the pilgrimage experience. We are not starting from scratch. We are building on what exists and in particular on the intuitions of Saint Brother André: a great love of the Holy Family and in particular an enormous devotion to Saint Joseph, while at the same time being at the service of those who are in need, whoever they may be. It is this welcoming presence that we must and want to continue.

In this time of great precariousness where uncertainties abound, the Oratory remains a rock, a light in the city, as if to spread God’s blessing on all.

This is what we will joyfully rediscover during this very special autumn of 2020.

Bernard East, o.p.