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Prayer to obtain a special favour through the intercession of Saint Brother André

Saint Brother André, we celebrate your presence among us.
Your loving friendship with Jesus, Mary and Joseph
makes you a powerful intercessor with God, our Father.

Compassion carries your words straight to God’s heart,
and your prayers are answered
with comfort and healing.

Through you, from our lips to God’s ear,
our supplications are heard…

We ask to be made a part of God’s work, alongside you,
in a spirit of prayer, compassion and humility.

Saint Brother André, pray for us.


© L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

André, my brother…

You knew how to pray…
in the midst of your tasks, in the quiet of the night,
deep in your solitude, or surrounded by friends.
Teach me the words that nourish my soul.

You knew how to welcome…
the rich and the powerful,
the poor and the miserable,
the scholar and the illiterate,
especially the simple, often the wounded.
Teach me to love them all without exception.

You knew how to suffer…
to hope in the future,
without complaint, without fear,
to stand firm, to face life.
Teach me the meaning of suffering in silence.

You knew how to live…
or the God whom you served,
for his Son and for his Son’s father and Mother,
to save what is lost,
to free what is shackled.
Teach me to hope in God and his universe.

Jean-Guy Dubuc

Prayer to Saint André

Brother André,
how well you understood how love for God
is expressed in love for others.

Help us to accept those who are afflicted
in the same way that you did.

Teach us to sympathize
with their suffering and their pain.

Teach us to listen to them with patience
and to speak a consoling word.

Let us show them how to trust
in Saint Joseph, in Mary the mother of Jesus,
and in God our Father.

Your love of God was manifest
in your plan to build a place of prayer on the mountain.

With Saint Joseph,
you yourself receive all those who come to the Oratory.

Plant within them faith in God who loves them so much
and who wishes wholeness for every human being.

Make them grateful for all the graces they have received
and confident in the future that is theirs.

Help them to make prayer a part of their life
and to become people that others can rely on.
Brother André,
you are now with the saints in glory;
you are powerful with God.

Continue the ministry you conducted
when you were on earth.

Obtain healing for those who are suffering
in mind and body.

Give serenity to those advanced in years,
and gainful work for those who seek it.

Inspire the young to live good Christian lives,
in marriage,
in consecrated life,
as ordained pastors.
Teach all of us how to live as Jesus did.

© Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

Prayer for Acceptance

Saint Brother André, you grant us
the favour of realizing your dream
and of making present in our day
the heritage you left to the world.
Help us to continue in the spirit of
unconditional acceptance which you
showed each person you met.

May our presence here, our attitudes
and our words always reflect the love
and compassion which marked your
whole life long.

Saint Brother André,
pray for us.

© Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

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