The Eternal Pilgrim

The other night, I had an amazing dream. I was juggling balls: one was called Father, one was called Pilgrim and one was called Joseph.

The one that first caught my attention was Pilgrim. This word evokes in me all those visitors to the Mount Royal Shrine, where I have been devoting myself for several years now. I have seen them of all colors, of many nationalities, of many cultures, beliefs and religions.

What is a pilgrim, if not someone who is on a journey? To a sacred place. In a spirit of piety. In search of a religious ideal, a model to imitate. In this sense, we can say that Joseph lived as a true pilgrim.

An example in passing: every year he went to Jerusalem. On foot and in a group because it was, at the time, the safest way to travel. For days and days, since Nazareth is located more than a hundred kilometers from this great temple.

So we can say that Joseph walked and prayed a lot during his life. Let us think of the episode of the flight to Egypt. Following a dream – Joseph was probably praying – he decides to leave in the middle of the night to save the Child and his mother from the fury of King Herod.

Joseph continues to play the role of protector for the Church, founded by his son Jesus, since he has been its patron for 150 years!

Yes, I am sure, Joseph was a fervent pilgrim and he continues to be so as guardian of the universal Church. All this because he has been, and continues to be, God’s pilgrim throughout his life.