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Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

3800 Queen Mary Road
Montreal (Quebec) Canada, H3V 1H6

Telephone : 514 733-8211

Toll free : 1 877-672-8647

Fax : 514 733-9735

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Our History

Our History


The Bessette family moves to Farnham, Québec. Tragically, Isaac dies, crushed under an axed tree, February 20, 1855. His wife Clothilde dies on November 20, 1857.

Our History

OCTOBER 19, 1904

Blessing of an oratory (i.e., a small chapel) built by Brother André, with the help of Brother Abundius, CSC, and a few lay friends.

Our History


Successive enlargements of the chapel in August and November

Our History


Construction, next to the chapel, of a wooden building housing a lunchroom, a shop offering religious objects, a waiting room, and a small room that Brother André could use as an office.

Our History


Chapel’s third expansion.

Our History


Chapel’s fourth and final expansion. Inauguration of the first residence for Holy Cross priests and brothers.

Our History


The authorities of the Congregation of Holy Cross approve the construction of what would become the future Basilica.

Our History


The construction of the crypt church begins.

Our History


Inauguration and blessing of the crypt church.

Our History


Relocation of the small chapel from its original site.

Our History

AUGUST 31, 1924

Blessing of the basilica’s cornerstone before a crowd of approximately 35,000. Brother Andre celebrates the 50th Jubilee of his Final Vows in the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Our History


Foundation work begins.

Our History


Construction of the Basilica’s lower portion.

Our History


Temporary shutdown of construction area due to the economic crisis.

Our History

JANUARY 06, 1937

Death of Brother André (born Alfred Bessette, August 9, 1845). For 6 days and nights, over 1 million people move past his open coffin.

APRIL 01, 1937

Construction work for the Basilica’s upper portion resumes.

Our History

AUGUST 01, 1941

Blessing of the cross crowning the basilica dome.

Our History


Construction of the votive chapel and the alcove for Brother André’s tomb. Inauguration and blessing in March of 1950.

Our History


Relocation of Brother Andre’s original chapel to a more elevated site on the mountain. November 21: celebration of the first Solemn Mass in the Basilica.

Our History

MARCH 19, 1955

Elevation of the Oratory to the rank of Minor Basilica. Unveiling of the monument dedicated to Brother André. Inauguration of the carillon.

Our History


Official opening of the Basilica.

Our History


Official introduction, in Rome, of Brother André’s cause for beatification. November 13: blessing of the Basilica’s Beckerath organ.

Our History


Completion of the Basilica’s interior.

Our History


Inauguration of the exterior lighting system on the occasion of the Oratory’s 75th anniversary.

Our History


Beatification of Brother André by Pope John Paul II in Rome.

Our History

SEPTEMBER 11th, 1984

Visit of Pope John Paul II

Our History


Celebration of the new millennium. Installation of a new lighting system for the interior of the Basilica.

Our History


Unveiling of a major renovation plan for the entire property, so that it may be more accessible, more functional, safer and better suited to the needs of visitors and pilgrims.

Our History

OCTOBER 17, 2004

Consecration of the Basilica by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte opening a year-long celebration of the 100th anniversary of Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount-Royal.

Our History

OCTOBER 17, 2010

Canonization in Rome of Brother Andre by Pope Benedict XVI. The founder of Saint Joseph’s Oratory is officially recognized as Saint Andre Bessette.

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