God Welcomes Us

What will be the spiritual journey of the next Novena to Saint Joseph? The event will take place at Saint Joseph’s Oratory from March 10 to 18, 2019. Our three guest preachers, three monks, are inviting us to walk with Saint Joseph and Saint André on a path of hope, faith and love.

Living with Hope

Preaching by Dom André Laberge, Benedictine

One certainty emerges from the Word: not only does God welcome us, but he expects us. He longs for us. The path of life can sometimes be rough, abrasive, exhausting, but we are awaited. Saint Benedict, our companion for the first three days of the Novena, concluded his monastic rule with this beautiful affirmation: “You will succeed…”!

Frère Antoine-Emmanuel

Living in Faith

Preaching by Brother Antoine-Emmanuel, Jerusalem Community

Don’t wait to go to heaven for God to welcome you. The Word reveals to us the paths of life that will allow us to enter into His heart right now. “God became man so that in man you might discover God. When you welcome others you meet God,” says the Jerusalem Community Rule of Life, which will be our companion for three days of our journey.

Yvon Moreau

Living out of Love

Preaching by Most Rev. Yvon Joseph Moreau, Cistercian

Being welcomed by God also means entering into God, welcoming His way of being, His mystery, His Love… “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” That is the goal! To become like God. To love as God loves. Saint Bernard, our companion for the last three days, reminds us that “The measure of God’s love is love without measure.”

Come live the Novena to Saint Joseph, from March 10 to 18, 2019.