Preaching and Celebrations from March 10 to 18 in preparation for the Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, on March 19, 2017.



Lord, we thank you
for this wonderful heritage
left us by Saint Brother André.
Grant us the same steadfast faith
that guided him throughout his life.

Transform our hearts
that we may accept our sisters
and brothers as he did — with compassion.
Teach us to turn with confidence
to his friend Saint Joseph
as we entrust to him the anxieties and
the afflictions of those who appeal to us.

Give us the grace to discover
in the very act of acceptance and service
the path toward joy and peace of heart.
We pray to you, Father,
through your Son, in the Spirit.


Emmanuel Durand, OP

Emmanuel Durand is a Dominican. He has been a religious for 25 years, and a priest for 17 years. He is a native of France with family roots in Oran, Algeria, where he remains in contact with friends and acquaintances. He has been active in health care ministries in psychiatric and palliative care settings. A professor of theology since 2001, he taught first at the Institut Catholique de Paris and is now at the Dominican University College in Ottawa. He is also guest master at the Dominican convent. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the hills of Outaouais in summer and winter, cycling, hiking or skiing.

Daniel Cadrin, OP

Daniel Cadrin has been a religious of the Dominican Order since 1967 and was ordained a priest in 1975. After working in faith education and bible formation in the Diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, Brother Cadrin served as general councillor and assistant to the Master of the Order of Preachers in Rome, from 1992 to 1999. Today, he is a professor and Director of the l’Institut de pastorale des dominicains. He has written a number of works and articles on the consecrated life and adult formation for Christian living. He has a particular interest in the meanings of images and symbols, as well as the art of photography.

André Descôteaux, OP

André Descôteaux, a Dominican for the past 30 years, was ordained a priest in 1992. A native of Montreal, this André is pleased to come and preach at Saint Joseph’s Oratory, founded by Brother André, CSC. Within the Order of Preachers, Father Descôteaux was prior of the Saint-Albert-le-Grand convent in Montreal, provincial treasurer and, for the past six years, has been serving as prior of the Province Saint-Dominique of Canada. He is also a visiting professor at the l’Institut de pastorale des dominicains in Montreal, and the Dominican University College. His pastimes include reading, music and cooking.


 Preaching from March 10 to 18, at 14:00 and 19:30, in the Crypt Church
 Father Emmanuel Durand, OP
March 10  Celebrating Newness
March 11  Set Free
March 12*  An Abiding Dream
Brother Daniel Cadrin, OP
March 13  A Mercy to Offer
March 14*  Discovering a Brother or Sister
March 15*  A Life to Give
Father André Descôteaux, oOP
March 16  A Poverty to Share
March 17  A Confidence Put to the Test
March 18  An Inheritance to Retrieve


*Preaching at 14:00 will be held in the Basilica.

Horaire des messes - Schedule of Masses Radio VM

Radio Broadcast

March 10 to 18
Preachings in French will be broadcast at 18:15 on Radio VM and will afterwards be available on the web site.

Sunday March 12
The regular Mass at 11:00 in the Basilica will be broadcast live on Radio VM

Sunday March 19
Solemn Mass in French for the Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, will be broadcastat 10:00 live on Radio VM

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91,3 FM Montreal , 89,3 FM Victoriaville, 89,9 FM Trois-Rivieres
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Salt & Light

Television Broadcast

March 10 to 18

The preaching at 19:30 in French will be broadcast live on the web by Salt & Light TV, then rebroadcast at 22:00 on television. They will also be available for viewing shortly afterwards.

Regulars Masses in French, from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 will be broadcast live on Salt & Light TV.

Sunday March 19
Mass will be broadcast live at 9:00.

Oratory Magazine - Novena 2017

Novena 2017 – Special Dossier

From The Oratory Magazine, January-April 2017 vol 91 no1

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