Companion of the sick

Like every human being, Saint Joseph must have been through hard times and faced many challenges. He is often invoked as the Model of workers, the Support of families, but also as the Hope of the sick and dying. His compassion, strength and protection are qualities that make him particularly close to people facing illness and suffering.

The proximity between Saint Joseph and the sick was evident at the Mount Royal Oratory from its humble beginnings. Brother André knew how to welcome them with compassion. He recommended that they pray to Saint Joseph, in whom they could find hope and serenity in the midst of illness and hardship. Some left healed or freed of their burdens.

Even today, turning to Saint Joseph can be effective when we face difficult situations that make us vulnerable, such as death, job loss or separation. What’s more, he can support us through our illnesses, limitations, weaknesses, crises and addictions.

Joseph, companion of the sick,
bolster us in our trials,
join us in our vulnerabilities.
Intercede for all our loved ones afflicted by illness,
that they may receive the grace of serenity.

From The ORATORY magazine, January-April 2024, Novena Reflections