Companion in Hope

Hope cannot be taken for granted. It’s easier to despair, to let ourselves fall into sadness or weariness. How many are discouraged? Consciously or not, we sometimes forget Hope and wonder: “What’s the point? What’s the point in going on?”

We brood, we doubt, we fear, we no longer believe in tomorrow, we lose our joy and our ability to bounce back. It’s like turning off the light on your own life. We lose our shine!

Saint Joseph can teach us to hope against all odds. Through the unpredictable events that he faced, his only strength was an unshakable Hope in the Lord’s benevolence and faithfulness. He knew that God would have the last word in whatever happened to him.

Beyond all weaknesses, there is God’s faithfulness, and it is on Him that we wish to rely. In the days when we despair, God is already on the march towards us, running to meet us to give us his love, his joy and his peace.

Joseph, companion in Hope,
shows us how to open ourselves up to this Hope
that will transform us, filling us
with the strength of confidence and the desire
to move forward.