Tribute to Moms

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we want to offer all mothers wishes inspired by Saint Brother André.

I only saw my mother smiling… and what a beautiful smile,” he confided. I rarely prayed for my mother, but I prayed to her many times. »

Inspired by these words of Brother André, the author Sylvain Lupien composed the prayer À maman as a religious tribute to his mother Clothilde. Tender words of gratitude to be meditated upon and offered in turn.

Mama, in spite of your departure
you’re still in my life.

Your smile and your look,
full of tenderness,
…are always watching over me.

I’m navigating the course of your advice.
Your voice is soft and fresh as a stream.

Your prayers, I still recite them.
These grains of rosary,
squeezed by your fingers,
are slipping towards my childish fingers.

Your knees were my payer stool;
you wrapped me in your love,
just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph are doing today.

Please, Mama, sustain my faith
since you’re the one who taught me.
and taught me to pray.

I beg you to assist the parents
in the education of their children.

I pray for these orphans
so that they may discover in Mary and Joseph
parent counsellors and protectors;
and that when the day comes,
they see the face of Jesus.

Sylvain Lupien
Praying with Brother André, Fides, 2010, pages 16-17.

To all mothers, a huge thank you for all that you do, day after day, so that your children, big and small, may live in love. May Saint Joseph and Saint Brother André watch over you on this day dedicated to you.

Father Claude Grou, CSC, Rector