Founded in Le Mans, France, in 1837 by Blessed Basile Moreau, the Congregation of Holy Cross began to spread to other countries in 1841.

Today, the religious of Holy Cross number more than 1600. They work in several countries on four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The religious, priests and brothers and sisters are members of a Catholic religious congregation that works in education, parishes and various other sectors of society, depending on the country where they are located.


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Virtual Exhibition

The Legacy of Blessed Basile Moreau in Canada

Exhibition organized by the Fathers, Brothers and Sisters of the Congregation of Holy Cross

Virtual Exhibition B Moreau

The year 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Blessed Basile Moreau (1799-1873), founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

To mark this anniversary, the archives and museum services of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Montreal are offering a virtual exhibition entitled “The Legacy of Blessed Basile Moreau in Canada.

This virtual exhibition is a tribute to his work, presenting the spirituality of Father Moreau and the legacy he left to Canada through the men and women who followed in his footsteps. It features religious objects, art objects, books, archives and iconographic documents such as photographs, maps and drawings.