Bearers of Hope

Pastoral theme for 2021-2022 at Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

The Oratory’s pastoral team unites under the theme Bearers of Hope starting at the time of Advent 2020. Being bearers of hope will inspire and guide our actions to welcome all those who come to the shrine. Let us all be bearers of hope!


Lord, you inspired Saint Brother André with a profound faith
and an exceptional gift of listening and compassion.

You favoured this prayerful place which he wanted on Mount Royal
in honour of Saint Joseph, so that it might be for everyone
a source from which the Light and hope might radiate.

Make us witnesses of your love, and open to hope,
men and women who seek your help.

Teach us to have confidence in the value of prayer.
Make us men and women who hold this hope in our hearts and who help our brothers and sisters to welcome with open arms the God who loves us.

We pray for this to you, our Father, by your Son and in the Spirit.