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Frère André, un saint parmi nous

Frère André, un saint parmi nous

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Frère André, un saint parmi nous tells the story of a humble man with an incredible destiny.

Born in 1845, Alfred Bessette becomes an orphan at an early age.  He becomes a baker, shoemaker, blacksmith and will then work in a cotton spinning mill in New England.

In 1867, at the age of 22, he travels back to his homeland where he becomes a gardner, groom, sweeper, manservant, male nurse, barber, night watchman and doorman. Later, he enters the Sainte-Croix congregation where he becomes Brother André.  His master is Saint Joseph to whom he is deeply devoted. In his name, Brother André heals the people who come to him, calms the pains and sufferings and gives hope to the ones in need.

People would come from everywhere to hear him and receive a medal and some of his oil known to have healing properties.

Saint Brother André’s strongest dream was probably the construction of an oratory on Montreal’s Mount-Royal in honor of the Lord. Inaugurated in 1904, the Saint-Joseph’s oratory has become one of North America’s most visited touristic place, where pilgrims from the entire world come and pray. Since his death in 1937, Saint Brother André lives in our memories, where he will remain a Saint forever.

This book is in French.

Author : Françoise Deroy-Pineau.
ISBN : 9782762130577
228 pages.
Dimensions : 14 x 21,5 cm ou 5,5 x 8,5 po.