Praying the Rosary

Many saints and community founders felt a certain pride in affirming to have been entrusted with the responsibility by the Virgin Mary herself to preaching and spreading the practice of the recitation and devotion of the Rosary.

A XVIIth century pope even called for an end to this competition. All this to say that devotion to the Rosary belongs to the entire Church.

It is often said that the Rosary is nothing more than the prayer of simple and uneducated people. That is not true. I had the opportunity to meet and live with great intellectuals, eminent theologians for whom the Rosary was part of their daily lives.

At the end of their working day, they liked to take a break to refocus on the core of their faith life and to meditate on the great moments of the history of salvation.

The daily recitation of the Rosary has enabled many believers, who could not publicly practice their faith because of persecution, to keep their faith alive and to drink from it.

Often, when we are exhausted, tired after a day’s work, we simply like to meditate and nourish ourselves with the essentials of our salvation. The assistance of various comments from the Rosary can be of great help.

The repetitive aspect of reciting the Rosary makes us penetrate deeply into the mysteries of our salvation. This brings us great serenity. The resumption of the angel’s greeting to Mary, the fact of asking her to pray for us – poor sinner – now and at the time of our death, gives us confidence and brings us great joy.