A new exhibit titled Portrait of Jesus, at the Museum of Saint Joseph’s Oratory until September 5, 2016.

This exhibit, Portrait of Jesus, presents episodes from the life of Christ especially as detailed in the gospel according to Saint Matthew: his birth and childhood, his ministry as represented by teaching and miracles, as well as his passion followed by his death and his resurrection. Quotes from the gospel will be juxtaposed with images and artifacts of all types, epochs, and origins.

Why choose the gospel according to Saint Matthew for this task? The choice was inspired by the film made by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922 to 1975) entitled The Gospel According to Matthew (1964) which portrays the biblical text without artifice, without interpretation. Such is the intent of this exhibit: to illustrate the life of Jesus without commentary, without exegesis; simply to give way to images, to Scripture, and to personal reflection. Enjoy your visit!

1. La sainte Bible
Éditions du Cerf, Paris, 1959,
Gift of Father Marcel Lalonde, CSC
Saint Joseph’s Oratory Museum, (2011.200.1-2)

2. Monstrance
France : Metal, enamel et glass
Gift of the Estate of Reverend Ernest Rivest
Saint Joseph’s Oratory Museum, (1980.17.1-2)

3. La Dernière Cène, 1917
Oil on cavevas  by  Wilfrid Corbeil, CSV (1893-1979)
Saint Joseph’s Oratory Museum (2010.168)
Thank you to the Clerics of Saint-Viator of Canada for the authorisation to present the work.