Mary, Model of Hope

Mary welcomed the message of the Archangel Gabriel in faith and hope. She participated with the Jewish people in waiting for the Messiah.

For centuries, the prophets had been announcing the coming of the Savior. Mary opens her heart to the Lord, saying that everything happens according to your Word. She surrenders herself to the will of God so that the plan of salvation may be realized. She accepts to be the mother of the beloved Son of the Father.

The expectation of the birth of Jesus nourishes hope in her. She carried all the events concerning the life of Jesus in her heart and in prayer. She lives her role as a mother and accompanies Jesus and the apostles in their mission. She is a witness to the signs manifested by Jesus during his public life. She is present at the death and resurrection of Christ. At the foot of the cross, she becomes the mother of the Church and accompanies us in our expectation of the Parousia and thus in the hope of eternal life.

By her testimony, she presents herself to us as a model of hope. I thank the Lord for allowing us to welcome Mary as Mother of God and Mother of the Church.