Mary in the Midst of Our Lives, Every Evening in May

“’Tis the month of our Mo-ther; the bless-ed and beau-ti-ful days.” When I was a child I often sang this well-known hymn with my family and neighbors on Collines Lane in the little village of Brébeuf where I was born.

Every evening during the month of May, we gathered around the Cross by the roadside with the neighbors to pray to Mary. We recited the rosary, sang hymns, made prayer intentions, and had a good time together. These neighborhood gatherings are some of the most impressive recollections of my childhood and they anchored my devotion to Mary.

Thanks to that memorable experience I’ve always felt accompanied, protected, loved by this beautiful momma always present “in the midst of my life.” In moments of joy, I sang the Magnificat with her. In moments of gloom, I confided to her my problems and I asked for her help. In these difficult times of pandemic, it’s vital for us to turn to our heavenly Mother. Jesus, from the cross, gave her to us as a Mother when he said to the apostle John, “Here is your Mother.”

As we ourselves and many others now have to do, Mary had to deal with anxiety, distress, and misunderstanding. She has left us an engaging image of courage, of resilience, and of hope.

Let us pay attention to Saint André when he tells us, “We must love the Blessed Virgin; she is the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. In difficult moments, look at your crucifix and at an image of our Lady of Sorrows at his feet. There you shall always find comfort and serenity.”

Yes…Mary was truly “in the midst of the life” of Saint André.

Yvon Lawrence, CSC