Hope still lives

In these difficult times, we can all use a word of hope. Despite all the unhappy news swirling around us, we can still say to ourselves, “Things’ll get better.” We are conscious of our responsibilities toward each other and the necessity to remain in solidarity as we battle the virus. When conditions become hard to take, we can look at this rainbow which seems to spring from the clouds and repeat, “Things’ll get better.” We all know that promising days are on the horizon.

In celebrating Earth Day on April 22, we’d certainly like to be able to tell the planet, “Things’ll get better.” They shall if we’re willing to make the same sacrifices to protect the earth that we are making to overcome the virus. Once again, the Earth Day 2020 campaign has issued a call to action, “On April 22, and every other day, we can all change our habits for a brighter future.” (www.earthday.ca)

For over a month now, we’ve been learning to change our habits in important ways. The difficult task of preserving the quality of life on earth is just as critical and urgent as combating the virus which is threatening us today. The future of our planet rests in our hands.

What we are achieving right now is a great source of hope. We’ve demonstrated our capacity to work together in modifying our ways of doing things for the protection of everyone. We know that together we have the power to take up the challenge of breathing life into our planet which will allow us to give future generations a better world.
In this Eastertide, we are celebrating the Good News of the risen Savior. May this message of hope also influence us to advance a bit more each day toward realizing a new world.