Growing under the care of Joseph

The month of April is a opportune time to have an encounter with Saint Joseph and to share with him in the silence and peace of his presence a face-to-face at the depths. A time for seeing and being seen by one who knows all too well God’s love. A gaze of goodness and confidence, the gaze of Joseph can sooth, promote trust and encourage. In this exchange of glances, Joseph can disclose to each their inner life, and it gives us an opportunity to confide in him.

In taking time to contemplate Joseph, we can discover his “humble and wise way of serving and participating in the coming of salvation.” We also become acquainted with an excellent master capable of bringing about our growth and of prompting our will to serve sister and brother.

We know that, along with Mary, Joseph lived the richest and deepest experience of faith. Together, they experienced great joys but also trials difficult to understand and accept. Joseph stood there to watch over, protect and comfort the child and the mother.

In going to Joseph, as Saint Brother André did, letting ourselves be enveloped by his gaze, we can learn from him the secret which caused him to live so intensely and which enabled him, with Mary, to give Christ to the world, the One who reveals to us the love of the Father and who brings us comfort and looks upon us in peace.

In these difficult times, let us make use of his intercession.

Father Jean-Pierre Aumont, CSC