Saturday March 3, 20:30 to 1:00

Saturday March 3, Saint Joseph’s Oratory awaits you for Nuit Blanche by Montréal en Lumière!
From 20:30 to 1:00, come hear pop songs, classical airs and world beats in the Crypt Church’s magical ambiance, with a hot drink to warm you up.

Six outstanding choirs will sing back to back:

Chœur Solis
Chœur des Jeunes de Laval
ChœurBaobab (avec percussions)
Ensemble vocal Au Chœur des Refrains
Ensemble Liszt
Chœur Allegro
Cantiamo Montreal*

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in great numbers !

A free event of the Nuit blanche by Montréal en lumière

* This choir will not be partaking in the event