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Category: Brother André

Brother André’s Prie-Dieu

By Claude Grou, c.s.c.

Rector, Saint Joseph's Oratory

November 14, 2017 Brother André, History, Spirituality

In December, we will mark the 100th anniversary of the Crypt Church of the Oratory, a place where saint Brother André prayed so often and which remains today at the heart of the shrine…

An Unusual Friendship

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

October 17, 2017 Brother André, History

Saint Brother André was known to welcome without distinction all visitors, from the humblest to the most fortunate. He also maintained many friendships, some of which are surprising…

From Friends to Associates…

By David Bureau

Archivist, Roland-Gauthier Archive and Documentation Centre

February 21, 2017 Brother André, History

Brother André’s passing on January 6, 1937, sent shockwaves through Quebec society. It also spawned a support network for the continuation of his work, which is still in operation today… Read the full article in French.

Remembering January 6, 1937

By Nathalie Dumas


January 6, 2017 Brother André, History

Eighty years ago, on January 6, 1937, Brother André’s passing made headlines in all the papers.

A Family Treasure

By Nathalie Dumas


November 23, 2016 Brother André, History

The Bessette family tree in Canada and the United States has many branches, with a common ancestor: Jean Bessette said Brise-tout who married Anne Le Seigneur on July 3, 1668. So what branch does the Higgins Family belong to?