Last day of the Novena

An Inheritance to Retrieve

The parable of the prodigal son, one of the most beautiful of Jesus’ parables! It leads us into the heart of God, but just as well into the drama of human experience.

“Give me the share of the property that belongs to me.” (Luke 15:12) Right here is the human tragedy: to think you can be happy without God! To exploit everything around you as soon as possible: nature at the brink of extinction; other people subjugated, reduced to poverty or slavery.

“All these years I have been working like a slave for you, and for what!” (Luke 15:29) This is the reaction of the elder son toward his father when the messed-up younger son comes home and is gladly welcomed back.

From the parable, we understand that our God can hardly wait for our return. He sent his Son Jesus into our streets to seek us out. He was even seen in disreputable corners. His life did not end well: crucified! Nonetheless, it is on the cross that he bestows God’s pardon upon us. He dies so that we can be reborn with him into life and can retrieve the inheritance that only God can give: life in abundance.

This is the most prized inheritance: to accept God as Father and others as sisters and brothers. An inheritance which initiates us into an effort to create a world of peaceful sharing.

Saint Joseph, whom Jesus called father, may we accept Jesus because even today he comes looking for us to lead us home to take full possession of the promised inheritance: the love of the Father and life in abundance.

Make a Novena to Saint Joseph, from March 10 to 18, 2017.